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Darwen Co-op

Darwen Industrial Co-op Society was located on School Street.
The Memorial (not described nor any inscription given) was located near to the entrance to the offices. It contained the names of 107 of the Society's employees who served in the forces during WW1, 18 of whom gave their lives. At either side of the memorial where the names of the 89 men who served and returned, in the centre were the name of the 18 who gave their lives they are;
Bone, Reginald; Brooks, Reginald; Briggs, Hubert; Cocker, Vincent; Fielding, William L.; Fish, Thomas; Mcglynn, Patrick; Jepson, William L.; Kay, William; Keefe, Frank P.; Kewon, John; Kirkham Ashworth; Lloyd, Arthur G.; Riding, Joseph; Schofield, Thomas; Smith Ernest; Walsh, Norman; Wood, Frank.

The names of the 89 men who served and returned are;
Adams, Philip; Ainsworth, Herbert C.; Aspinall, Fred; Ainsworth, John; Almond, John W.; Atherton, Thompson; Atkinson, Walter; Ainsworth Fred A.; Ashcroft Henry; Bennett, Ernest; Backhouse Richard; Barker, Harry; Bettinson, Sydney; Bell, Harry; Blackledge, William; Boland, Joseph; Baldwin, James; Burgum, Arthur; Bury, Edmund; Bury, James H.; Baxendale, Arthur; Bentley, Alfred; Calderbank, Argyle; Crompton, Harold; Drinkwater, Thomas; Duckworth, Moses; Duxbury, Hubert; Driver, William; Eccles, James H.; Ellison, George W.; Fish, Norman; Fretwell, Frank; Gillibrand, David; Gillibrand, Herbert; Gregory, John; Hargreaves, John; Hargreaves, Thomas; Holden, Henry W.; Holden, Ralph; Holden William B.; Hunt, Water; Irwin, William; Jackson, Thomas P.; Jennings, Sam A.; Jepson, John W.; Jepson, Joseph; Jepson Milton: Kay, Frank; Kirkham, Joseph; Knowles, Frank; Lacey, L.E.; Lane, Arthur; Leach, George; Leach, Richard; Lowe, John; Lyons, Alfred; Marsden, Elis; Marsden, Harold; Marsden, Hubert; Marsden, Joseph T.; Marsden Tim; Mason, Harold; Nightingale, Ernest; Nightingale, Harry; Nightingale, John; Nightingale, Walter; Pickup, James W.; Pilkington, Ralph; Pinder, John; Proctor, Robert; Quinlan, James F.; Riding, Albert; Seal, Joseph; Shaw, William T.; Swarbrick Albert; Singleton, Irving; Thompson, Albert; Thompson, Frank; Todd, Robert; Waddicor, Levi; Watson, Fred; Watson, George L.; Whitney, Norman; Whittaker, J.W.; Whittaker; James H.; Whittaker, Richard; Wilding, Robert; Wilkinson, Joseph; Wood, Norman A.

The Memorial was unveiled on Monday 8th November 1920 by T. Haworth, President of the Society

Blackburn Weekly Telegraph: 13th November 1920.
Darwen News 13th November 1920.

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Carr’s Mill

The Mills Memorial was a large square marble slab with a roof shape at the top, on this are two crossed rifles above an artillery gun. In each corner, below the roof are, top left a crown, top right a soldier's cap, bottom left crossed standards, bottom right crossed swords with a sailors cap.
In shape and form it is identical with the one at India Mill (see that image).
The whole is mounted on brown stone

It was located inside an arch which led into the weaving shed.
At the top is the Inscription;

1914–European War-1919

Below this, enclosed in a scroll;

Roll Of Honour
To Our Glorious Dead
Name of 8 men who gave their lives
The Following Also Served Their King And Country
The names of 39 men and 6 women who served.

The names of the 8 men who did not return are;
Bury, H.; Entwistle, T.; Hedditch, G.; Livesey, A.; Parkinson, W.; Rostron, C.; Taylor, J.L.; Taylor, W.
The memorial was unveiled by W.H. Haworth on Wednesday 19th May 1920. It was the work of Braithwaite and Sons.

Darwen News: 22nd May 1920.


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India Mill 

India Mill.jpg
© Tony Foster (WMR-78307)

India Mill is located on Ashton Lane Darwen. Its Memorial is in what was the mills entrance.

The Memorial is a marble square with a roof shape at the top. On this are two crossed rifles above an artillery gun. In each corner, below the roof are; top left a crown, top right a soldier's cap, bottom left crossed standards, bottom right crossed swords with a sailors cap.

The inscription reads;

1914 Roll Of Honour 1919
To The Honoured Memory Of Our fallen Benefactors
The names of those who died
The Following Also Served Their King And Country
The names of those who served.

The memorial is mounted on two stone corbels with a stone backboard.

The names of the 14 men who gave their lives are;
Chadwick, S.; Cornwall, J.; Edge, W.; Greenwood, S; Grime, J.J.; Holden, M.; Hacking, W.; Mainwaring, A.; Massey. G.; Marsden, H.; Slater, J., D.C.M.; Slater, R.; Stamp, G.; Whalley, A.

The names of those who served are:
Aspden, T.B; Ainsworth, J.; Ainsworth, W.; Bamber, W.; Barker, J.; Barker, S.; Baxendale, F.; Brown, H.; Boardman, W.; Brocklebank, C.; Cain, E.; Chadwick, R.; Crook, L.; Cooper, J.; Dearden, W.; Duckett, F.; Duckett, J.; Duckworth, T.; Entwistle, W.; Forrest, G.; Forrest, W.; Fowler, J.J.; Grime, J.' Geraghty, R.; Hope, W.; Hulme, G.; Ince, H.; Jenkinson, N.B.; Jolly, J.; Kay, J.; Knowles, R.; Loftus, H.S.; Lowe, J.; Mather, H.S.; Msyho, A.; Miller, A.; Miller, H.J.; Moran, J.; Nicholson, J.; Nightingale, J.T.; Orrell, G.; Parry, G.; Parkinson, W.; Pearson, J.; Quinlan, W.; Regan, J.T.; Regan, W.; Risby, W.W.; Schofield, S.; Simpson, R.; Smith, J.M.S.; Smith, W.; Smith, W. M.M.; Taylor, C.H.; Theckston, H M.M; Theckston, T.; Walmsley, J.; Whittle, T.W.; Wood, M.; Wooten, J.: Worthington, J.; Worthington, J.

The Memorial was unveiled on Saturday afternoon 27th September 1919 by Mrs. Mather. It was made by Messrs. Braithwaite, of Darwen whose name is at the bottom right of the backboard.

Darwen News: 1st October 1919.
Darwen Advertiser: 4th October 1919.
War Memorial Ref. No.: 78307.

Moss Bridge Mill


Moss Bridge Mill was located on Blackburn Road.
The Roll of Honour contained the names of 173 men from the mill who served in the forces during WW1. It was unveiled on Saturday 8th November 1919 by Miss A. Ward.
No further information is available.

Darwen Gazette: 15th November 1919.

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 Painting, Battle Of Jutland
Battle Of Jutland Darwen.jpg
© Albert Gavagan (WMR-54842)

This painting shows a pivotal moment in the Battle of Jutland. It shows the fifth battle squadron, consisting of The Warspite, the Malaya, the Valiant and the Batham, going in to action on the afternoon of May 31st 1916 in support of the battle cruisers.
The painting was carried out by Charles Edward Dixon R.I. An anonymous donor presented the painting to Darwen Corporation in October 1920 where it was hung in the Reference section of the Library. After the town was taken over by Blackburn in the local government reorganisation of 1974 it was removed to Blackburn Museum.
In 1974 Harold Heys, secretary of the Friends of Darwen Library, decided to get the painting back to Darwen. Succeeding the painting was returned to Darwen Library were it was unveiled on Saturday November 22nd, 2014, by former Royal Marine Ken Bennett
It now takes pride of place behind the information desk for all to see as they enter the Library.

Blackburn Times: 30th October 1920
Lancashire Telegraph: 16th November 2014
War Memorial Ref. No. 54842


There is a First World War memorial from Peel Mill at Darwen.  It is on display at a small private museum at an Antiques Centre.  It is a wooden board with a bronze plaque and is decorated with two wreaths in relief.  It is not known why the memorial was moved but is presumed that it was originally displayed at Peel Mill.  The mill became part of a larger chemical plant complex and the plaque was found in the cellar of the Darwen Winders and Warpers Association.  There are 62 names listed on the memorial, the names of those who were killed are listed in red.  It is inscribed: '1914-1919 T. W. A. Forrest and Co. Ltd, Peel Mill, Darwen.  To commemorate the names of those who in the time of need came forward in the service of their King and Country and in defence of the liberties of Europe in the Great War.  The gallant men whose names are rubricated made the supreme sacrifice'.

Premier Mill

Premier Mill 01.jpg
 © Albert Gavagan (WMR-78806)

Premier Mill was located on Begonia Street
The Memorial is a square stone tablet with triangular top corners in which, on the left, is a sailor, on the deck of a ship looking through a telescope out to sea, on the right is a soldier firing his rifle from a trench. The Memorial is attached to the outer wall of the old engine room of the mill.
Premier Mill.jpg
© Albert Gavagan (WMR-78806)

The inscription reads;

Premier Mill
Roll of Honour
For King & Country
Duty Called They Answered
These Died That We Might Live
Names of Those who Gave Their Lives
The Following Also Served
Names of Those who Served and Returned
God Save The King

The names of those who gave their lives are;
Ashworth, J.; Bentley, J.J; Cooper, W.; Harwood, R.; Holden, J.; Kay, H. W.; Kay, W.; Knowles, L.; Lomax, R.; Woodburn, W.
Those who served and returned;
Ashworth C.; Ashworth, F.; Almond, M.; Bailey, E.; Caunce, T.; Cooper, J.; Cross, J.R.; Crompton, A.E. Crompton, R.T.; Dewhurst, T.; Eccles, E.; Eccles, H.; Hacking, W.; Haslam, J.; Hill, M.; Johnson, G.H.; Jepson, J.S.; Kirkham, R.M.; Leach, T.; Marsden, W.; Mitchell, W.A.; Mason, J.; Parkinson, E.; Pilkington, E.; Pilkington, J.; Pickering, J.R.; Pickup, S.; Pickup, W.; Pinder, F.; Plant, J.; Plant, J. Jun.; Sharples, H.; Stanley, H.; Smalley, T.; Taylor, W.S.; Townsend, J. Townsend, J.H.; Turnbill, W.; Woodburn G.; Woodburn, J.; Woods, J.; Varley, (?).
Adams, P.; Adams, K.
No Information as to the date when it was unveiled or by whom.
War Memorial Ref. No.; 78806.
jb22741.jpg    jb227401.jpg
© Raymond Smith - terms and conditions
There are two memorials at Shaw's Glazed Brickworks at Waterside for World War One and Two.  They are approximately 30" by 18" and are situated in the old canteen which is now a storeroom.  This is a photograph of the World War One Memorial.

Southend Mill

Southend Mill was located on Dewhurst Street Darwen.

The Memorial is a square stone tablet with triangular top corners in which, on the left, is a bearded sailor, on the deck of a ship looking through a telescope out to sea, on the right is a soldier wearing a steel helmet firing his rifle from a trench.

Southend Mill 002.jpg
© Albert Gavagan (WMR-78839)

There is an Inscription which reads;

Roll of Honour
By The
Employers And Workpeople
To Hand Down To Prosperity
 Names Of Those Who Served
In The
Great War Of The Nations
Names Of those who Served

On the Far right

These Have Made
The Supreme Sacrifice.
Names of those who gave their lives.
The Names of those who served. Those who gave their lives have an Asterict at the side.

Ainsworth, F.*; Blacoe, W.*; Burroughs, S.*; Kemp, J.; Walton.
Day, C.; Day, T.; Halse, R.; Isherwood, S.; Jepson, S.*; Kay, J.; Smith, J.R.; Thomlinson, H.*; Yates, R.
Bailey, J.; Chambers, J.K.; Orrell, J.; Shorrock, W.; Waddicore, E.; Waddicor, J.A.; Whewell, J.
Crook, E.; Bunkin, T.; Entwistle, J.; Entwistle, J.H.: Jepson, J.W.; Kenyon, J.H.*; Lancabeers, S.; Lodger, J.; Metcalf, H.*; Tomlinson,; J.; Whittaker, H.
Briggs, R.; Jepson, H.

No Information as to the date when it was unveiled or by whom

War Memorial Ref. No.: 78839.



Woodfold Mill

Woodfold Mill was located on Lloyd Street
The WWI Memorial was unveiled by P. Duckworth on Saturday 15th November 1919.
No further information.
Darwen Advertiser: 22
nd November 1919.