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View of plaques on the communion table at Highfield United Reformed Church at Darwen.  The plaques are memorials to those lost in World War One and Two.

Hollins Grove Congregational Church is located at Hawkshaw Avenue, Darwen.
The memorial is a mosaic erected in the chancel. It contains a reproduction of Leonardo da Vinci's “The Last Super" with side tablets
At the very top is the Inscription:

Greater Love Hath No Man ThanThis That A Man Lay Down His Life For His Friends

The left-hand tablet:

The Greater Glory
 Of God
 And In Undying Memory
 Of Those
 From This Church
Who Left All
And Gave Their Lives
In The Cause
 Of Righteousness
In The Great War
Ad 1914–1919

And at the bottom

This Do In Remembrance Of Me

The right-hand tablet contains the name of the 21 men who gave their lives, they are;
Bowron, H.; Duerden, J.; Hamblett, W.; Holden, J.; Holden, J.; Holden, T.; Hollows, F.; Hollows, H.; Kay, W.; Lawreson, R.; Lawreson, W.; Lightbown, B. Longworth, G.W.; Longworth, H.; Longworth, L.; Longworth, W.H.; Marsden, J.; Marsden, W.; Pickup, J.W.; Sprague, B.; Sprague, J.;

The Memorial was unveiled by Major Hubert B. Eccles and dedicated by the Rev. C. Nicholson on the 10th April 1921.



There is a World War Two Memorial on polished oak board in the form of a scrawl.
An Inscription reads:

In Thanks Giving For All Those
Associated With This Church Who Served
Their Country During The World War
And In Grateful And Honoured Memory Of
The Following Who Paid The Supreme Sacrifice
We Will Remember Them

The 4 names on the board of those who gave their lives are;
Bush. Rev William G., Pastor 1935–1940; Jeffrey, William; Jepson, Eric; Ward, Joseph W.

  World War Two Memorial Plaque


Blackburn Weekly Telegraph: 16th April 1921.
War Memorial Ref. No.; 51316, 51317.

View of memorial plaque for World War One and Two at
Lower Chapel United Reformed Church, Darwen.
One of the names featured on the War Memorial is that of Private Lee Haslam. He was in the 2nd Battalion of the King's Liverpool Regiment. He died aged 30 on August 14th, 1918. He was the son of Richard and Sarah Jane Haslam and husband of Jane, 111, Cranberry Lane, Darwen. He was buried at the Quetta Government Cemetery XXXXIII C 2990 which was then in India, now Pakistan. The 2nd Battalion of the "The Kings" was stationed in India throughout the First World War.
He still has 2 grand children, great grand children and great, great granchildren living in Darwen.
 View of a headstone from World War One belonging to
Private James Holland at Tockholes United Reformed Church.
View of a headstone from World War One belonging to 
Rifleman Harold Atkinson at Tockholes United Reformed Church.

 A photograph at Tockholes United Reformed Church which 
is a memorial to those who died during World War One.
The Lych gate at Tockholes United Reformed Church
which is a memorial to those who died during World War One and Two.

 View of the World War One memorial plaque on the Lych gate at Tockholes United Reformed Church. 
  The names on the plaque are Fred Nightingale, Richard Hoskin,
John Beesley, John Preston, Roland Alston and Herbert Smalley.

 View of the World War Two memorial plaque on the Lych gate at Tockholes United Reformed Church. 
The names are: John Cooper and James Victor Catterall.

Bolton Road United Reformed Church


The Church was located on Bolton Road, Darwen.
The Memorial was of bronze with on a domed top, on this was a cross with HIS—the name of Jesus—entwined into it, it was originally mounted on a black marble base. There is a boarder around the tablet decorated with flowers and leaves.  An inscription on the tablet reads;

In Loving Memory Of The Men Who Gave
Their Lives In The Great War
Greater Love Hath No Man Than This
Their Names Liveth On For Evermore.

The names on the of the 16 men who gave their lives are given in three columns they are;
Ainsworth, Fred; Bury, Thomas; Calvert, Herbert; Calvert, William; Calvert, Thomas; Denny, Thomas H.; Hall, John W.; Hedditch, George; Holden, Ben, B.; Holden, Herbert; Jepson, Herbert; Kay, William; Lightfoot, Norman; Lowe, Hubert; Marsden, John T.; Smith, Ernest;
The unveiling was performed by T. Walmsley, church secretary, and the dedication by the Rev. Benjamin Bee, on Sunday 18th April 1920.

Bolton Road Congregational Church 51310.jpg
WW1 Memorial Contains 16 Names
© Albert Gavagan (WMR-51310)

Just beneath the WW1 Memorial is a square brass tablet with the following inscription:

In Everlasting Remembrance Of The Men Of This Church
Who Gave Their Lives In The 1939–1945 War
They Died That We May Live

The names of the 8 men are;
Cooper, Leslie; Fish, Wilfred; Harwood, Ernest; Haslam, Leslie W.; Sanderson, Claude; Sharples, Frank; Smith, Harry; Walmsley, Alfred.

Bolton Road United Reformed WW2.jpg
 WW2 Memorial Contains 8 Names
© Albert Gavagan (WMR-51310)

Darwen News: 24th April 1920.
Darwen Advertiser: 23th April 1920.
Darwen Gazette: 24th April 1920.
Blackburn Weekly Telegraph 24th April 1920.
War Memorial Ref. No.: 51310, 51311

The Central United Reformed Church in Duckworth Street, Darwen was formerly know as Duckworth Street Congregational Church.
In the new worship centre there are two War memorials:
The first for the Duckworth Street War Dead of the two World Wars and a large wooden Communion table dedication to the War Dead from Belgrave Congregational Church. This church this still exists because it is a listed building and is now being developed for flats by a private owner.
On the Central Memorial you can find the names of several church members and associates. There were 11 Scouts from Duckworth Street Scout Group including Jonathan Walkden and Victor Servies who died in the Great War and an Accrington Pal named George Pickup who was a church member.The service of Scouts, then Boy Scouts was mentioned in the Troop log as ,"Eight members of our members have joined Lord Kitcheners Army". Of course these were not the only ones as more joined and sadly were killed as the war progressed.
View of plaques on the rear wall of the Central United Reformed Church on Duckworth Street, Darwen which are a memorial for men who were killed during World War One and Two.  The names on the plaque for World War One are: Ralph Ashton, Moses Cocker, James Duxbury, Edgar E. Eccles, Ralph Eccles, R. Thomas Eccles, Albert Entwistle, Thomas Hall, William Hall, James A. Halliwell, Ed. Hargreaves, Stafford Hargreaves, Stanley Hargreaves, Squire Haworth, Wm. Thomas Holden, Thomas Houghton, John Lee, Thomas Leigh, Cecil Lomax, Albert Marsden, Alfred Marsden, Albert E. Martin, Fred Mossop, John Neville, George Pickup, Victor Leon Servais, Edgar Thompson, Jonathan Walkden, Fred Waring, George Williams, Albert Worstwick and James Yates.  The names on the plaque for World War Two are: Ronald Marsden and John Shorrock.
View of a plaque on the Communion Table from Belgrave Meeting House 
as a memorial for men killed during World War Two.  
The names on the plaque are: Norman Ellison, Edwin Kay and Levi Livesey Kay.

View of a plaque on the Commu​​nion Table from Belgrave Meeting House
as a memorial for men killed during World War One. 

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