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 A view of the east window in St. Barnabas C.E. Church on Watery Lane
which is a memorial to those lost during World War Two.

 View of a plaque on the north wall of St. Barnabas C.E. Church on Watery Lane
as a memorial to Sapper William James Bland, Private Frederick Charles Payne and Private 
Richard Keegan who were killed during the Boer War.
View of a plaque on the south wall of St. Barnabas C.E. Church on Watery Lane
which is a memorial to those lost during World War One and Two.

A view of a plaque on the choir pews at St. Barnabas C.E. Church on Watery Lane
which is a memorial to Private Richard Keegan who was killed during the Boer War.


St Chad’s Church was located at Earcroft.
Its War Memorial, for Church and School, consisted of a white marble slab with gilt lettering. It was built into the wall of the school. The Memorial contained the names of 200 men who served in the forces. In the centre was an inlaid tablet with the names of 30 men who gave their lives.
The unveiling was performed by J. Bury, former headmaster of the school, and dedicated by the Rev P. Cecil Dean on Sunday 17th April 1921
No names are given.
Darwen Advertiser: 22 April 1921.

St. Cuthberts

 View of a World War One Memorial at St. Cuthbert's Church on Earnsdale Road
 View of a World War One Memori​al Plaque at St. Cuthbert's Church on Earnsdale Road
View of the Credence Table at St. Cuthbert's Church on Earnsdale Road
View of the Window at St. Cuthbert's Church on ​Earnsdale Road
View of a World War One Memorial at St. Cuthbert's Church on Earnsdale Road


St. George’s Church

St Georges Church was located on Harwood Street, Darwen.
The Memorial was a carved reredos and panelling of Austrian oak.
The inscription reads;

To the Glory of God and in Memory of These
Members of the Parish and Congregation
Who Gave Their Lives in The Great War 1914–1919 

St Georges Darwen Mike Coyle.jpg
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The names of the 77 men and women who gave their lives were;
Ainsworth, F.S.; Alston, S.; Aspden, H.; Aspin, J.R.; Atkinson, G.; Banks, R.; Bannister, J.W.; Bannister, T.; Barnes, J.T.; Beesley, J.; Bending, J.T.; Bending, W.; Bolton, H.F.; Bury, J.; Bury, R.; Chappell, J.; Cockshoot, G.; Conlong, T.; Connick, W.A.; Craig, G.R.; Crook, J.H.; Eccles, J.; Eccles, R.H.; Egan, T.E.; Entwistle, J.; Firth, J.; Firth, J.N.; Fish, J.; Gore, J.; Hacking, J.; Hall, A.; Hampson, W.; Hearth, C.; Hearth, J.; Hine, G,; Ingham, R.; Jenkins, Martha E.; Jepson, H.A.; Kay, A.; Kay, W.; Leach, A.; Leach, G.T.; Leigh, J.; Lodge, W.H.; Lowe, J.; Marsden, J.E.Y.; Marsden, R.T.; Marshall, H.; Morton, G.; Nightingale, H.; Partington, W.A.; Pickering, H.; Pickup, J.; Scholes, S.; Sharples, J. Shorrock, W.; Smith, E.J.; Swanton, J.W.; Taylor, R.; Tillotson, A.; Tomlinson, W.; Townend, J.; Turbutt, J.; Walkden, J.; Walkden, W.; Walkden, W.A; Walker, T.H.; Walsh, Mary B.; Ward, J.; Watson, E.; Watson, H.; Welding, C.P.; Welding, R.; Whalley, J.D.; Whittle, J.; Wilde, J.H.; Yates, F.

The unveiling was performed by Major Duckworth and dedicated by the Rev. F.W. Divelly of Southport on the 30th of September 1922.
The Memorial is now located at St. Peters Church, Bank Street, Darwen.
Two names stand out in this list of those who gave their lives, that is 42-year-old Martha Emily Jenkins, she was a stewardess in the Mercantile Marines on the S.S. Aguila which was torpedoed and sank on the 27th March 1915. Altogether 8 people lost their lives on the ship. She is also remembered on the Tower Hill Memorial.
The other is Mary Betsy Walsh, Worker, 40785, in the Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps who died 29th June 1918 and is interred at Darwen Cemetery. Ref: II. 507.

Blackburn Weekly Telegraph: 7th October 1922.
Darwen Advertiser: 6th October 1922.
War Memorial Ref. No.: 42336.


St. James' Church

 St james Darwen Albert Gavagan.jpg
© Albert Gavagon (WMR-42332)
  WWI Memorial Plaque at St. James' Church

St. James' Church is located at Chapels Darwen.
The WWI Memorial is a nowy-headed bronze (the Darwen News says copper) plaque, at the top is a cross. The lettering is all done in gold.
There is an inscription which reads:

To The Praise And Glory Of God
In Heartfelt Thankfulness For His Merciful
Protection Shown So Markedly In Answer To
The Prayers Publicly Offered In This Parish
Daily Throughout The Great War 1914–1918
To The Ever Glorious Memory Of Our Brothers
Who Fell Fighting For Justice And Liberty
And In Gratitude To All Our Lads Who Served

The 37 names of those who gave their lives are;
Alston, John; Aspden, John, R.; Beckett, Timothy; Berry, John; Burroughs, Cyril V.; Butterworth, Balfour; Butterworth Randolph C.; Chew, William; Crompton, James T.; Done, Alexander; Evens, Herbert; Farnworth, Albert; Fenton, Samuel; Griffiths, Arthur; Harwood, James; Heap, William H.J.; Hindle, Christopher. J.; Isherwood, William Henry; Kay, Thomas; Kay, William; Lightbown, John; Livesey, Robert; McArdle, Richard; Oliver, Ralph. D.; Pickering, Harry; Silcock, Thomas; Singleton, Harry; Smith, James; Smith, John H.; Smith, John; Taylor, George; Taylor, Job; Walsh, James; Watson, Walter; Whitehead, Albert; Worsley, Albert E.; Yates, William
The Memorial was unveiled by Mrs. Butterworth, whose two sons names were on the Memorial, and James Rawlinson it was dedicated by the Rev. J. Blackburn-Brown on Sunday 17th  April 1921.

 St james Darwen ww2 Albert Gavagan.jpg
© Albert Gavagon (WMR-42335)
  WW2 Memorial Plaque at St. James' Church

The WW2 Memorial is also a bronze nowy-headed plaque with an Inscription which reads;

In Gratitude To
All Those Who Served
During The World War
And In Memory Of Those Who Died
At The Going Down Of The Sun And In The Morning
We Will Remember Them.

The five names of those who gave their lives are;
Clegg, Tom; Colling, Robert; Kay, George; Council, Charles; Round, Jack;

Darwen News: 20th April 1921, 23rd April 1921.
Blackburn Weekly Telegraph: 23rd April 1921.
War Memorial Ref. No.: 42332, 42335.

St John’s Church
The Bullough Memorial Tablet.

St John’s Church was located Sough Road. It Closed 1974 and demolished.
The War Memorial was presented to the church by the Bullough family  and comprises of two tablets, the first forming the head piece which deviates from the straight design by a semi-circular summit encasing the bronze emblems, crossed flags and crown. The tablets are made of Sicilian marble. It was located on the north side Transept wall
The inscription reads:

To the Glory of God, and in Honoured memory Of the
Non-commissioned Officers, and Men of this Parish
Who Fell in the Great War.
This Tablet was Erected by James Bullough
And Lucy Bullough and Their Sons;
Major C.B. Bullough, D.S.O. R.A.
Captain J.C. Bullough R.F.A.
And Lieutenant A.W. Bullough R.E.

There are 77 names on the Memorial. First the names of the non-commissioned rank:
 Lance-Sergeant C. Hearth; Corporal A. Muir; Lance-Corporal J.W. Greenhalgh; Corporal A. Kay; Bombardier W. Blacoe; Lance-Corporal W. H. Roscoe; Lance Corporal T. Greenhalgh.
Then the Following names appear;
Ainsworth, A.; Ainsworth, A.E.; Almond, F.; Armstrong, H.M.; Aspden, T.; Boardman, W.; Boardman, W.A.; Burke, E.; Bury, A.; Carpenter, W.; Cooper, W.; Cuthbert, A.; Dawson, A.; Eccles, E.; Eccles, J.; Entwistle, A.; Entwistle, G.; Entwistle J.; Entwistle N.; Farnworth, J.; Fowler, H.M.; Greenhalgh, D.; Grime, H.; Hargreaves, S.; Haywood, T.C.; Hebden, S.; Holden, H.; Holden, J.; Holden, T.; Holden, W.; Hopwood, H.; Haworth, R.; Hughes, R.; Hulme, J.; Hustwit J.W.; KJay, H.; Kay, H.W.; Kay, W.; Kenyon, A.; Kenyon, J.H.; Kershaw, P.; Kershaw, A.; Kirkham, E.; Kirkham, J.; Kirkham, J.; Leach, G.D.; Lightbown, D.H.; Lomax, J.; Lomax, J.H.; Moore, J.; Moore, J.; Moore, J.J.; Morris, J.; Pheassey A..; Pomfret, A.; Pomfret, B.; Risby, H.; Robberts, G.; Rogers, J.W.; Shorrock, W.; Slater, R.; Tattersall, A.; Taylor. J.W.; Threlfall, J.; Townsend, J.; Walkden, W.A.; Whalley, J.C.; Wilby, W.; Woodcock, S.; Worsley, H.; Yates, J.

Unveiling and dedication took place on the 30th May 1920, unveiled by Captain Cecil Bullough R.F.A., and dedicated by the Rev. R.H. Lyall, vicar of St John’s. The Memorial is now located at St peter’s Church, Darwen

On Sunday 24th April 1921 a Memorial Screen was unveiled on which was recorded the names of 440 men of the parish who served with the forces during World War I. The unveiling was carried out by Major W. Alan Smith and dedicated by the Rec C. Smith

Darwen Gazette: 5th June 1920
Darwen news 2nd June 1920.
Blackburn Weekly Telegraph 30th April 1921.
War Memorial Ref. No.: 42330.

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​​St. Mary's, Grimehills

View of the Roll of Honour plaques for World War One and Two at St. Mary's Church at Grimehills
A view of the Altar at St. Mary's Church, Grimehills

St. Peter's

 View of World War One Memor​ial Plaque at St. Peter's Church
View of World War One Memorial Plaque at St. Peter's Church
View of World War Two Memorial Plaque at St. Peter's Church
View of the Roll of Honour for World War Two at St. Peter's Church
The names on the Roll are: Stanley Briggs, Stanley Holding, Alan Marshall, Alan Townley, John Bamber, Kenneth Campbell, Ernest Harwood and George Howarth.