People in their Places, 1976​

Radio Blackburn.  People in their Places, 1976.  Blackburn Public Services Department.  Produced and presented by Judith Roberts.   20 mins.

Judith interviews four members of Blackburn Public Services Department at their place of work, which at the time had about 900 employees.  The interviewees talk about the nature of the work they do, their hobbies, interests and choice of music.  Unfortunately, due to copyright reasons, the music cannot be played.

Harry Duckworth, a Senior Administrative Officer at the Town Hall, describes the huge range of responsibilities and tasks undertaken by the Department.   John Marsden, drives a mechanised street sweeper vehicle, and keeps the Boulevard area clear of litter.  In the days when public toilets had a full-time attendant, Norah Nightingale keeps the women's toilet on the multi-story carpark spotlessly clean.   Jack Barker, a Senior Cleansing Inspector, describes the changing nature of refuse and how, at that time, household rubbish was not sorted but merely 'layered' in to an old quarry opposite Jack Key's Reservoir at Darwen's Bull Hill.   While recognising the economic necessity of change, Jack laments the ending of horse-drawn rubbish collection, which survived in the town until 1956.

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