​​​​​​​​Military Collection

WW1 Cards
The images in the Military Collection have been created from a series of cuttings from local newspapers, mounted on cards. This file was compiled by Library staff about the same time as the printed 1929 Roll of Honour. The news cuttings file, however, differs from the printed list because in addition to casualties, it also includes soldiers who did not die during the War. Such cards might honour those who achieved meritorious service, or applaud military family groups or prisoners of war and those who were reported as missing in action.

Most of the cards include a newspaper article together with photograph. The articles differ in length and content.

Other information recorded on some of the cards includes; who and when the death was verified (the date for this is generally 1929), and possibly, the War Memorial may be recorded which could be a church, school, club, mill or other work place. The date the newspaper article appeared is generally recorded. Other information may be given i.e. the man’s army number, but these numbers cannot always be relied upon so may need checking.
It is intended to publish all the cards in the Library file, including those that have no newspaper article, and may contain just a name and rank.  Some of these blank cards contain other information which can help identify the soldier if used in conjunction with the Roll of Honour.

Other Conflicts
In time, it is also intended to add information, photographs and news cuttings about other Military Conflicts.

How To Use The Military Image Collection
To view a card, select or click on the image, and it will display on its own page. 

Magnify the card
To read the information written on the card, click the image twice and it will enlarge enabling you to read the newspaper report.

Name field
More than one person with the same name: 
Some names have 001, 002, etc, this signifies that there is more than one card with the same name but not the same person e.g., Smith, John 001, Smith, John, 002.

More than one card for the same person:
If, however, there is more than one card for the same person then 01, 02, etc is used after the name.

Title Field:
In the title field the number before the names signify which war the man/woman fought in, 1. Smith, John is WW1 whereas 2. Smith, John denotes WW2. This is to ensure that images can be grouped in alphabetical order of the same conflict.

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Over the course of the next few months (from October 2019) it is planned to publish the World War 1 newcuttings index held by Blackburn Central Library. This gallery will also provide the potential to share other library held newscuttings and photographs from different conflicts and theatres of war.